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December round-up

We've been dormant for a while - that's because we've been busy!

On November 17th, the Genever Lab were represented at YorNight 2018, a researchers' night hosted by the University of York, held in the historic King's Manor building. With well over 1000 visitors, the event was a tremendous success! A lot of fun was had as our stem cell superheroes were treated with sorted stem cells! We'd happily return.

We also attended the first official meeting of the newly formed UK Extracellular Vesicle society, UKEV2018. It was a fantastic meeting and a great insight into the exciting EV work being undertaken in the UK and Europe.

The Genever Lab also made headlines with the Royal Society of Biology. Our very own David Kuntin has written an article titled "How to...reduce your lab's plastic waste" outlining our collective effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste we send to landfill. Given the increasingly highlighted dangers of plastic pollution we as a lab feel strongly about reducing our environmental impact and we hope that many more labs will join us in our fight against waste. See the article here.

With that, we sign off for 2018! All of us at the Genever Lab would like to wish you happy holidays and a great start to 2019! Stay tuned for exciting news about upcoming events, outreach, and conferences!

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